moving image performances

New Sounds For Old Films About Sound

Edited, composed, and performed by Josephine McRobbie (video work, vocals, recitation, bass guitar), Joseph O’Connell (guitar), and Andy Uhrich (audio work, recitation).  

Using the entirety of The Dances of the Bees (1950), a film exploring the research of Dr. Karl von Frisch, along with passages from and interpretations of Dr. Frisch’s research, this performance explored the intersections of sound, dance, and communication.  In the second half of the piece, segments from a number of educational films of the 1950s and 1960s are drawn in as if attracted by the vibrations of the bees.

Performed at the Orphan Film Symposium, April 2016.

Sex Cybills

Sex Cybills is Joseph O’Connell (percussion, keyboard) and Josephine McRobbie (bass guitar, effects, vocals).

Performed an original composition at the Bastard Film Encounter, April 2015.

Garden Gates

Garden Gates is a group of musicians from Bloomington, Indiana, who are interested in improvisation, mood, dynamics and accompanying moving images. Members include Erin Tobey (guitar, vocals), Dave Walter (vocals), Jeff Grant (drums), Evan Whikehart (guitar), Lewis Rogers (keyboard, samples, vocals), and Josephine McRobbie (bass guitar).

Created a composition and performance to accompany The Smiling Madame Beudet (1922) and Coeur Fidèle (1923) at the Indiana University Cinema, February 2014.  Commissioned performance.

Remixed archival film and composed & performed a composition for the Orphan Film Symposium, September 2013.